How to Buy Skirting Board


Skirting boards, also known as baseboards, have been around in different forms for many years, usually for two or three important purposes.

First, baseboards can be added to the room for purely decorative purposes. For example, in older houses, high skirting boards with decorative lines are common and may even be very complex and decorative. That is, at its simplest level, a baseboard is just a piece of wood stuck to the wall with nails, screws, or glue.

The second purpose of baseboards is to protect the walls. Baseboards usually protect walls from accidental knocks, furniture wear and tear, and dirt and wear from mops and vacuum cleaners. In the third case, baseboards can be used as a very clever way to hide uneven or rugged floor or wall edges.


What is skirting board?


If you are working on a wood flooring project, whether new, refurbished, or redesigned, you should consider baseboards. To help, we'll cover the various options here:


Baseboard and wood flooring in renovation or renovation projects.


If you're redecorating a room in your home, chances are you've already installed skirting board. This means that when you decide how to install a new floor, you can choose to leave the baseboard in place or remove it to lay the floor.


Especially in older properties, many people are wary of removing skirting boards because often they take a lot of wall plaster with them. It's for this reason that most people decide to leave the skirting boards in place when they install new wood floors.


If you decide to go this way to buy skirting board, what you can do is lay the floor to each wall and then use beaded accessories to form a neat connection between the floor and skirting boards. The important thing to remember is that no matter which way you go, make sure you leave enough space between the floor and the edge of the room so that the floor can expand and contract.


New baseboard and wood flooring.


If you plan to use wood flooring in a new build situation, you will have greater flexibility as you can buy skirting board of your choice after installing the floor. Working in this way, you will be able to choose the floor style you want as well as the skirting style you want to complete the look. Again, don't forget to always leave expansion gaps around the room to make sure your floor has enough space to expand and contract without getting damaged in the process to buy skirting board.

The main function of the skirting board

The main function of the skirting board is to protect the wall from damage. Walls are particularly vulnerable to knocks and wear around their base as the people in the home go about their daily lives. The baseboard acts as a barrier to prevent the plaster from breaking or cracking.

Skirting boards also help provide a "clean" finish to the walls after plastering. It can be difficult to paint the walls perfectly where they meet the floor, so you can hide any untidiness and defects in the plaster by installing baseboards.

Baseboards are usually narrow strips that provide a harmonious and beautiful finish between the wall and the floor. Skirting boards will make your four walls look stylish and clean, while also being the best design for the transition between wall and floor.


On the one hand, baseboards are a design element. On the other hand, they also make sure that expansion joints that need to be left on the side of the wall when placing laminate or parquet floors are covered. After all, floor coverings such as laminates or parquet floors always need a gap between them and the walls because they tend to swell and expand.


A baseboard protected by plaster

Especially in high-traffic areas of the home, there's a lot of activity that can lead to kicks, bumps, or bruises on walls that you might not have considered before. Vacuuming, playing with young children, and moving furniture can damage plaster on walls. Baseboards are usually made of high-density MDF or hardwood such as oak or Melandri, which makes them durable and able to withstand potential damage better than exposed plaster.

Skirting boards feature in the design

The second and equally important reason to use baseboards is that they add beauty to your room. The skirting board provides the perfect opportunity to finish the room in a truly personal and unique way.


Customer photo features: Ogee baseboard


The baseboard market has come a long way in the past few years, especially with the rise of online shopping. When choosing baseboards to complete your room, you are no longer limited to a few standard designs. With the large number of designs now widely used, it is now common to install baseboards to highlight or compliment other design choices within the room.

how to choose skirting board

1. Color


The same color as the wall can come in to weaken its existence and further extend the wall space. It can also be the same color as the floor to extend the visual effect of the ground.

Choosing a skirting board with the same color as the ground or the same color as the wall is a tangled question. In fact, these two schemes have their own advantages, and I prefer the same color as the wall.

The reason is simple: it is difficult to buy skirting board of the same color as the ground. In fact, those skirting board on the market are all basic colors, and other colors cannot be produced separately. The same color as the wall is simple. Generally, the wall is white. Even if the wall is not white, you can match it with a white skirting line.

So the choice of height can be based on your preferences, and you can also refer to the height of the lower door cover.

2. Modeling (mainly solid wood skirting)

The sloped skirting line is not easy to accumulate dust in the later stage.

In general, there is also a flat baseboard slope type. I chose the flat style.


However, from the perspective of later maintenance, the slope type is not easy to accumulate dust, and the flat type requires you to be more diligent and quick. Who makes me like this square flat style?




①When shopping for skirtings online, you can ask for a sample from the merchant. You can ask for samples of different colors and heights. Compare and choose which one is more suitable.

②The construction period should be estimated for the purchase of the skirting line. Generally, the installer of the skirting line business will not install it for free, and additional charges are required. However, this is generally regarded as the "private work" of the master. For specific labor costs, please refer to the local area. market price.

③Calculation of skirting line length: measure all the places that need to be installed, and buy a few more skirting lines on the basis of this length when you finally buy it, because there is a certain amount of loss during installation, I didn't estimate the loss at the time. Two pieces can only be restocked later, which took a little time.

4. How to buy skirting board


①Buy skirting board in a physical store: If your home is paving the floor, then you don't have to worry about skirting board. Generally, flooring vendors bring their own, but the prices are very touching. After all, baseboards and edge holders are very profitable for flooring vendors. For example, the flooring I ordered in nature flooring at the time was made of PVC. The baseboard quote is 22 yuan per meter, the cheapest and I don’t think it looks good; the cheapest solid wood is 44 yuan per meter, so the price of wood board accessories is also a big expense.


So I did not choose to buy in the store. (The prices in different regions are different, so the reference value is not large.)


Building materials market: Generally, skirting boards are sold in local wood-related markets, and the prices are slightly different. I was thinking about buying white solid wood skirting, so I went to the market to see it.


But the price is also not cheap, about 16 yuan per meter. And there are relatively few styles to choose from, because most of them buy PVC skirting, and there are relatively few solid woods.


③Buy skirting board online shopping: I have no choice but to take the above two ways, so I turn to universal online shopping. At Ma Yun's house, I took a fancy to several suppliers selling solid wood baseboards, and the main prices were also very good. The price I bought was 7.8 yuan a meter, and the higher prices were also in the early 10 yuan, and the price/performance ratio was still very high.


Small details can make or break a decorative scheme - so it's important to take the time to choose elements that blend comfortably into the surrounding environment when you need to buy skirting boards.

One area that deserves special consideration is choosing the right skirting board. skirting board offers a number of functional and aesthetic benefits, and if you have wood floors, it's almost essential, as it can hide ugly "expansion gaps" around walls (preventing damage when the wood expands and contracts).

What's more, the skirting is great for hiding uneven wet plaster finishes (a common problem in old and new homes), and also provides a barrier to ensure you don't scratch or damage the walls when you sweep the vacuum.

That's why we advise you to pay more attention to the choice of skirting board, if you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us. You can also go through the projects we have finished for reference.  We are looking forward to cooperate with you to make win-win outcome.


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