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Skirting boards are a vital part of any home. Not only do they provide a decorative edge to your room, they also protect the floor from damage and dirt build-up. Skirting boards vary in style and wood type, so it's important to know what you want before you buy them online. This blog is designed for people who are looking for skirting board information on how to buy them online.

buy skirting borad online

What is skirting board ?

The skirting board is the strip of material, wood or plastic, that covers the gap between a skirting board and the wall.

Skirting boards are usually made from three different materials: wood, PVC or polyethylene foam,aluminum. Each has their respective pros and cons. Wood skirting boards are typically more expensive than pvc skirting  boards, but also more durable and aesthetically pleasing. PVC skirting boards do not warp or crack over time and are very easy to clean. Additionally they are the cheapest option.

Polyethylene foam skirting boards can be made from a variety of recycled polymers making them both durable and sustainable.


How to install the skirting board

There are three steps we will get through to show you how you can do skirting board installation easily and quickly with a minimum of fuss.


Step 1: How skirting-board looks like?


Skirting boards come in many forms, so it is important to remember that skirting board will come in different lengths and you need to buy enough skirting boards to complete your job. Skirting boards are available either primed or unprimed, primed skirting boards are already covered with a layer of paint which helps the skirting board last longer. When buying skirting boards, it is important to buy skirting boards which are the same size as your skirting board you already have.


Step 2: Preparation before installation


Once you have bought all of the skirting boards which you require, it will be a good idea for you to prepare them before you start skirting-board installation. Before you mark off skirting-board and cut skirting board to the required size it is important to apply a coat of skirting-board adhesive first. This will make skirting-board installation even easier as you do not have to hold skirting board until skirting boards dry, skirting boards already has its own adhesive attached.


Step 3:  Skirting board installation


Once skirting boards are cut to the correct height skirting-board will need to be fixed in position. This is easy enough for you to do all skirting-board installation requires is skirting board being fixed with screws. Remember skirting boards can either be attached directly to skirting board or they can be attached

Where To Buy Skirting Board

Your local hardware store is one of the best places to buy skirting boards, but it  probably won't offer you all the skirting boards that are available online. Wherever you buy your skirting board, remember to check customer reviews so you can find the best quality at the lowest price.

Pros and cons of   buying skirting board online


Wider range of design

 Buying your skirting board online offers you the ability to choose from a wide range of designs. You can purchase boards in different shapes, sizes, styles, materials and finishes. If you are looking for something specific or want to upgrade your home with designer looks, this is an ideal option. 

Many suppliers also offer a service where you can contact them with your specific requirements, so they will try to source products in the right size or finish if they don't already stock it.


Less delivery charges

Minimum home delivery charges are also likely to be less for online purchases than bricks and mortar stores.


Lower price

You may find that you can buy skirting boards at a much lower price than traditional shops. Some suppliers also offer discounts for bulk purchases or first-time customers, which provides another way to save money and enlarge you budget.


Cannot test the product before order

 You will need to take extra care when working out measurements of boards, screws and fixings needed for your property because you cannot 'see' the exact product before you order.  

Preparation before installation

 Buying your skirting boards online may limit you to installing them at certain times. For instance, if the designer boards need special care such as lacquering before installation, this will take more time than simply picking up a pack from your local DIY store. You will also need to allow time for any returns if the size or other specifications aren't right for your home.

Pay more time on customer reviews

 Examine the quality of online suppliers carefully before making a purchase decision. Use price comparison websites to find the best deals and look at customer reviews from previous buyers, to avoid purchasing shoddy goods. Pros - Pros and cons of buying skirting board online

 Measure the right size

 You will need to measure the lengths of boards carefully to ensure they are the right size. It's also essential to choose skirting boards that suit your surroundings, so getting inspiration on colour schemes or designs may be difficult on a computer screen.

 Hard to make decision based on images

 With the wide range available, choosing from an online supplier may feel like more of a challenge than visiting traditional hardware stores. You will need to ensure you get the dimensions right, which can be difficult if you are working on an idea of the board size based on photos or images found online. Pros - Pros and cons of buying skirting board online

How to buy skirting board online

Here are some useful tips how to buy skirting board online for the best result.

To buy skirting board, you need to measure how long and how tall it is needed in your room. You will find these measures on the online store that you want to shop from. Remember to add a few centimeter allowance into your measurements because there's a chance that it will be less than what you've ordered.

Once you've got the measurements of your skirting board, it's time to do some research on how much is one board? As I've mentioned before, buying skirting board is not easy if you don't know how to buy. It would be better if you also search for how much is manufactured per meter so that you can compare how much you need and how much it would cost if you buy skirting board online.

Don't forget to check how thick the material of the skirting board is. It's usually possible for them to be 30mm, 38mm or 45mm in thickness. The thicker it is, the better quality of your skirting board will be.

If you're having a hard time how to buy skirting board online, there's always an option for you to ask or hire someone to do it for you. However, if that doesn't fit into your budget, don't worry because how to buy skirting board online can be done by yourself without any hassle. All you need is how to buy skirting board that is right for how you want your room to look like.

However, as how to buy skirting board , there are still some things that you need to consider such as how long can the skirting be? Is it possible for my floor and wall joints not to meet correctly because of how tall  how long the skirting is? These are just some of how to buy skirting board that you need to think about before buying one.

 How to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board?

Skirting is as important as the wallpaper as it is used as a decoration for your house , so how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board ? Today, let's have a view at it.


5 tips to choose a skirting board supplier

1. How many years has the supplier been in this line?

The practical experience is very important for skirting board supplier. How many years has the supplier been in this line will be a key question to ask them .

Key point of how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board : How many years have they produced skirting boards? You are suggested to do some research on the internet before you choose a product supplier, and then ask for some information's about their skirting boards.

2. How to deal with the defective ones?

As we all know , there may be some defective products among 1000 pieces of skirting board in one order . How to deal with the defective ones is also an important question to ask them in how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board . The key point is that how do they deal with the defective ones. How many days does it take for them to replace and send the new one? How about after sale service? You can also check more information on Google.

3. How much is their price?

Their price is key point for customers to choose . How much is their price? How about after sale service? You can also check more information on Google. Key point of how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board : How much is their price? How about after sale service?

4. How do they deliver the goods ? How long does it take to deliver the goods? How quality is their service ?

Do they deliver the goods in time ? How about their service? How do they deliver the goods? How about after sale service? You can also check more information on Google.

5. How do they package them?

Their packaging plays an important key role to protect the goods . How do they protect the goods during transportation process ? How about after sale service? You can also check more information on Google.

Key point of how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board : How do they package them? How about after sale service?

With some research, you will find that there are lots of reliable suppliers on the market. How do you choose the right one? Key point of how to choose a reliable product supplier of skirting board : How do they package them? How about after sale service?


Skirting boards are an essential part of your home and help to create a clean, finished look. However, many people don’t know how or where they can buy skirting board online. Here at Winsen Tiletrim , we want to make it easy for you by providing the best tips on choosing a supplier as well as some great ideas about what types of finishes will work in your space. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

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