If you've never heard of floor leveler, you're not alone. Many homeowners first learned the term when researching ways to repair uneven, sunken or cracked concrete slabs.This article will tell you about where to buy dependable floor leveler.

Since this fix may not be familiar to you, you may question whether it really works. The short answer is yes. In fact, since the 1930s, floor leveler, also known as roof, has been successfully used for concrete repairs.

If you're still skeptical, it might be helpful to know more about how the process works and where to buy dependable floor leveler.


How does floor leveler repair damage floors?

Looking at badly broken or dented slabs, you might think that replacement is the only option. Slabjacking may seem too simple. How is it possible to repair major slab damage by drilling only a few small holes and injecting cement slurry or polyurethane foam?

To help you understand, consider the causes of concrete damage. In most cases, the plates sink and crack due to changes in the underlying soil. Weak bearing soil, poor compaction, increased moisture, and frost heaving can affect the integrity of the underlying soil.

Over time, soil settlement can create voids, or blank areas, under the floor. Without this support, heavy concrete will sink, causing cracks and degradation. Slabjacking works because the process fills these voids and stabilizes the soil below. When the material is injected, the resulting pressure lifts the slab and returns it to a uniform position.

Floor leveler complexes help to level small surface irregularities on new and existing foundations, usually in the form of single or two parts. Easy to mix and easy to apply, they find their level and provide a smooth finish for laying tiles or other floor coverings.

After cracks and injection holes are caulked, repairs are almost invisible.

How long can floor leveler maintenance last?

In terms of where to buy dependable floor leveler, won't a new plate last longer than it takes to complete repairs? You might think new is better, but that's not the case when it comes to repairing concrete damage.

If you choose to replace the floor slabs, the new concrete will be poured directly over the existing soil foundation. Unless you spend the necessary time and money digging, refilling, and compacting the soil, these voids will not stabilize. As a result, the new plate settles and cracks just like the old one.

In most cases, roof repairs last longer than replacement plates because they address the root cause of the damage. Pouring new slabs will give you the results you want for a while, but the top plate will eventually be more reliable and durable.

How can floor leveler be so economical?

Slabjacking usually costs at least 50% less than pouring new concrete. For many homeowners, the price sounds too good to be true.


But when you think about it, the lower cost makes sense. Leveling the concrete is much easier than replacing the floor. To replace the slab, the old material must be disassembled and towed away. Formwork must be built, and concrete must be trucked in, poured, and finished. Slabjacking takes much less time -- usually less than half a day.


Slabjacking does work, as our satisfied customers over the years will tell you. In fact, it could be the perfect solution for your damaged concrete. For more information, contact Lift Right Concrete LLC. With convenient locations in Grantsville and West Jordan, Utah, we look forward to arranging a free concrete leveling consultation for you today.


Where to buy dependable floor leveler, owned by DEPENDABLE, LLC, is the manufacturer of Midwestern floor preparation products, including patches and self-leveling machines.'s long presence in the floor liner industry is no coincidence. For more than 60 years, reliability has kept pace with new technologies and customer needs.

The corporate culture emphasizes three main aspects, including quality, customer service, and innovation.'s commitment to market demand has proven itself time and time again. Our formulations for gypsum and cement-based products stand the test of time; Our primers, additives, and moisture-proof products help improve the performance and achieve the desired results. Distributors and contractors have long considered our quality to be the first choice in preparing floor finishes.

Reliable pumpable or castable self-leveling agents can be used for concrete, wood, metal, ceramic tiles, adhesive residues, lightweight concrete, gypsum, and radiant heat systems. From mixed cement to mold proof gypsum, we offer a variety of solutions.



2.Lift Right Concrete

Lift Right Concrete has been Utah's top Concrete service company for many years. It was founded by Steve, a contractor who knew very well the importance of doing a good job. We are a local business committed to keeping you and our neighbors safe in your residential and commercial properties, and it all starts with a solid foundation. From cladding, waterproofing, concrete lifting, mud, and floor leveler, we do everything quickly at competitive prices.

Concrete floor leveler or mud jacking is the lifting of concrete by drilling holes in the concrete. A high-pressure hydraulic pump is then used to pump the cement slurry under the floor. Almost any concrete level can be raised, such as garage floors, porches, driveways, and sidewalks. This is one of the most common projects we do and a great way to increase surface security. After lifting, the area is as good as new, 100% solid.


3.Sika Corporation

Sika Corporation, headquartered in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, is a leading supplier of specialty chemicals and industrial materials serving construction and industrial markets, including transportation, Marine, and automotive. Its technology focuses on sealing, bonding, damping, reinforcement, and protection. Sika's product line includes roofing, concrete admixtures, specialty mortars, epoxies, structural strengthening systems, industrial flooring, sealants, adhesives, specialty acoustics and reinforcement materials.


Sika products are widely used and always meet the highest quality standards. Succeed together through dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and teamwork.



4. Addis America

Addis America is recognized by installation experts as a leading provider of solutions and services for innovative building systems. We develop, manufacture and market high-performance professional building products for all aspects of substrate preparation, floor coverings, tile and stone installation systems, and building concrete systems for commercial and residential applications.

As a family-owned company, Addis leads us to excellence in everything we do through local customer interaction. We ensure that work is done in the first place, in compliance with norms and plans, and minimize risk and costly callbacks.

We are a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance building products.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of solutions and services for innovative building systems.


Addis is committed to being a system solution provider. We strive to be market leaders in specific markets around the world. We believe that all employees and partners should conduct their business in a spirit of fair, transparent and responsible business practices at all times.

People are the foundation on which we build our business. Sustainable long-term growth targets underpin all our activities. We are committed to building a better future by reducing our carbon footprint and maximizing our sustainability in product development, manufacturing and consumer health and safety.


We support all of our products with an industry-unique warranty system, including product and labor costs.


5.Dubond Products (India) Private Limited

Founded in 2009, Dubond Products India Private Limited is a manufacturer and export adhesive for ceramic tile adhesives, glass Mosaic tiles, wall textures, wall putty, cement grout, epoxy grout, swimming pool tiles, epoxy flooring, block restoration, etc.

The range of products offered is manufactured using quality assured components and innovative manufacturing methods under the supervision of our skilled professionals. All of our products are manufactured in accordance with industry-established standards and specifications. These products are highly appreciated in the whole market for their superior quality and long shelf life. Our products are exported all over the world.



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Does your home or workplace have a concrete floor? Perhaps you've noticed that despite how good they look, your concrete floors are actually uneven and you need a solution!

If your concrete floor is not completely flat and if you need to know where to buy dependable floor leveler, please do not panic, there is a solution called a floor leveler.

Professional laid industrial concrete floors are the best solution. If your concrete floor is not professional, this may result in uneven floors. Laying concrete over particularly large areas can lead to some inaccuracies and irregularities due to the difficulty in moving and laying extremely wet and heavy concrete.

That's why we wrote this blog, we hope that these information can help you solve your problem in the house decoration. 

If you have other questions, pease feel to contact us  !  Thanks for your reading ! 

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