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As living standard grows, people has paied more attention to the appearance of their house. That’s why skirting board has become popular in the recent years.

The purpose of a skirting board is to help protect the flooring from scuffs and scratches. They are also used as a decorative element, adding character to your room.  

However, it’s not that easy to choose the perfect skirting board for house decoration or trade. There are so many factors you should take into consideration, quality, price, shipment and other.  We are tatally understand the barriers which lead to your hesitation.

We believe that this blog can help you solve the problems.

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Which Kind of Skirting Board is the best?

      There are three types of skirting board. Each type is made from a different material, which means they all have different benefits and disadvantages:

Skirting board made from PVC

These boards come pre-primed and ready for painting so you won't need to spend any time preparing them before applying your first coat of paint.

One problem with this type of skirting board is that it can be damaged by heat, such as if you accidentally leave a hot object on top of the board or fire lighters underneath it at the wall base.

They also tend not to take to paint very well if you're trying to achieve a particular colour because the wood may start bubbling up therefore  giving your skirting board a very patchy look.      


Skirting board made from MDF

This type of skirting board is often favoured by DIY enthusiasts because it's inexpensive but still able to give a high quality finish. Unlike the PVC boards, you need to be careful when painting it with heat proof paint as this can cause the wood grain to crack and split.

One plus about MDF is that even if you do manage to damage it you can easily sand down the area in question and repaint again which will make it virtually invisible.


Skirting Board Made From Hardwood

  These are usually manufactured using oak or ash which means they're durable but also quite expensive.       

They're also very easy to paint because they can be sanded down and repainted multiple times without any sign of damage - perfect if you want to change the colour at a later date.      

So what's the best type of skirting board?

Both MDF and PVC are equally popular in terms of use, but MDF is cheaper for large orders whereas PVC charge more per meter.

Hardwood will give your home that natural look but it won't be cheap either. You may even end up spending more on your hardwood skirting boards than you did on your flooring so decide which is most important to you before making a decision!  

How to find a reliable skirting board manufacturers

When looking for the best skirting board manufacturers it is important to find a company that understands your needs and caters towards them

You have probably experienced living in a house where the skirting boards are made of substandard material, which results in peeling off, rotting or being slippy underfoot.

This leads to an annoyance factor which you find yourself constantly having to deal with, so it is important to find reliable companies who can provide you with good quality materials that have been tested thoroughly.

When looking at different suppliers, there are certain things I always look closely at:


- What range of skirting boards do they offer?

It's fantastic if they have a lot of choice but not necessary because personal preference comes into it.


- What is the quality like?

I find that if skirting boards are supplied with a clear varnish or wax, then they will withstand more because constant touching doesn't cause them to become sticky and dirty.


- How long has the supplier been around for?

Although this isn't everything it does provide you with some form of reassurance because you know they'll still be there if anything goes wrong or you find yourself in need of advice.


- What is their reputation like?

This could be known by looking at reviews online but also asking friends and family who have had experience with different suppliers would also help.

5 Reliable skirting board manufacturers

1. Planet skirting

We are a leading Manufacturer & Supplier of bespoke, moisture – resistant, high quality MDF Skirting Board. We deliver all over the UK and our products are made by quality tooling in house.

We know what matters most when it comes to Skirting & Architrave

Our company provides efficient manufacture of products using the latest, most quality tooling sourced to provide the best for you, our customer. We manufacture all of our products in house with many years of experience in the building supply and manufacturing industry.

We aim to have your order, manufactured, processed and out the door in as little time as possible with no corners cut or compromises.

We source all of our materials from the most sustainable and eco friendly locations making no shortcuts in getting the best raw materials to work from.

With over 60 patterns to choose from and the option of contacting our team to create your very own bespoke patterns, we put you in the driving seat when it comes to our variety and options.

With our partnership to what we consider the best shipping company in the UK, our trained staff and our quality tooling we are able to provide lightning quick manufacture and delivery times that rival the best, dont just take our opinion for it, make an order today!

Can’t find what you are looking for?

If you need specific sizes or a ‘bespoke’ design, please feel free to speak to one of our advisors by phone or our contact page and we will always be happy to help. We manufacture on site so we can always offer flexibility.


  1. Metres Direct 

At Metres Direct we stock a wide range of skirting board profiles in a variety of styles, sizes and made from premium quality materials including moisture resistant MDF skirting board.

In addition to our wide range of skirting we also stock matching architrave for all our styles.

As we manufacture all of our skirting board in-house we are able to offer a huge range of styles that we cut and deliver direct to you. With over 65 styles to choose from on our online store you should be able to find plenty of options that match the existing style of your home or suit the new style you wish to choose. If not, we are able to create bespoke profiles for you so please get in touch with our friendly sales team



  1. Universal Wood Products

Established in 1915 as a company representing the interests and sales of Swedish timber products specifically matches and panel products for the then parent company Swedish Match.

Universal Wood Products is now an independently owned UK based manufacturer of primed MDF mouldings. Having been in full production at its Romford site for the past 25 years, UWP prides itself on its high quality product with a specialised flexible service required by a diverse customer base.

Our customers range form the traditional timber importer sector to the major UK timber and building merchants. With a chain of UK distributors we are able to service the growing demands found in the MDF moulding markets.

Our production of skirtings, architrave, windowboard and door linings meets the day to day requirements of the second fix market. With our dedicated specials + made to order service giving our customers an extra string to their bow. Here we offer small runs if required on a dedicated specials line.

When you contact our company you shall find a prompt and professional response to your enquiry with a member of our sales office able to answer your query or  assist in any query relating to MDF moulding production .


  1. MDF

When producing MDF skirting boards, there are several methods of production they go through for machining, finishing and profiling. The MDF has a compressed and smooth surface making the skirting easy to paint and finish afterwards giving a long life to your skirting boards.

We produce some skirting boards from MDF in bulk using a high-tech moulder which produces hundreds of metres of mdf skirting every minute, in a given profile.

The machine will then prime, sand, and reprime the mdf skirting boards so that it is finished with a semi-finished surface which at most will require a final coat of paint.

Our other method for producing MDF skirting allows us to produce a much fuller range of skirting boards from MDF, as we produce our own cutting tools for profiling the skirting, and then put them through a specially equipped spindle moulder to create the mould we are making.

The priming for these boards is usually hand-sprayed and will therefore require a light sanding before a final coat is applied. This has the added bonus of protecting the mdf skirting from moisture until the sanding and final coat are applied for finishing and fixing the skirting boards to the wall. 

  1. Myskirtingboards

Welcome to myskirtingboards.co.uk. We are the UK’s leading manufacturers of quality MDF skirting boards, architrave and other interior mouldings with over 15 years of experience within the industry.

Based in the manufacturing heartland of the UK the West Midlands, over the years we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and created an unrivalled range of products to suit all tastes.

Our company started as a small joinery company offering skirting boards and other MDF products to service the building industry, building on offering fast deliveries and unrivalled quality the company soon gathered pace as one of  the leading suppliers to those companies looking for consistent quality and reliability of skirting boards, architraves and various other mouldings.

Due to this demand, we have moved to larger premises to allow us to expand our range of products and keep up with our ever-growing trade customer base.

As the company has grown over the years we have invested heavily both in our friendly and knowle

dgeable office staff who can talk you through all of the products and services we offer and our specialist production teams, using the latest machinery to put forth an ever-growing range combined with large capacity capability to produce a quality ranges of skirting boards, architraves, dado rails and a vast array of mouldings for every conceivable application, with many lines bulk stocked ready for fast next day dispatch nationwide through our dedicated distribution service.



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