With the ever-evolving world of technology, LED profiles are changing too. The LED profile China has emerged as the new standard for office buildings and other large scale commercial projects.

LEDs are often perceived as a mature technology that is already well developed. However, the LED industry is still full of opportunities and many interesting applications are waiting for further developments to be used to their fullest extent. 

This blog post will explore what an LED profile is, how it can be used in your next project, and share some trustworthy companies who have the Led profile China for sale. 

What a LED profile is?

LED profile (construction), a narrow piece of foam or plastic used in building construction to provide a decorative border around light fixtures and other fittings;

Sometimes called "picture-frame molding." Led profile usually uses aluminum with high intensity Led star products which have excellent Led lamp appearance, Led tube performance, and Led strip price all in good advantages.

A Led profile is made by extrusion machines from Aluminum alloy sheets. The Led Profile can be used to decorate lighting fixtures for Led lighting shapes into various curved forms and bright colors.

The Led Profile is formed as follows: Extruded profiles are available in different shape curves. The led profile is widely used in decoration lighting for buildings and houses.

It can also be applied to make television cabinets, decorative boxes, doors, and windows frames as well as various crafts such as picture frames, ornaments, etc. 

The benefit of LED profile

It is a kind of popular new construction material with good brightness, light color rendering index--- Ra 80-85Ra Led star product. The Led Profile has many advantages: 

1) The low price but the same nice appearance design; 

2)  Easy installation; 

3)  Lightweight and small volume than other decorations materials; 

4)  Excellent performance which can reach 880lm/w shape curves ;

5)  Long lifespan (over 50 000 hours).

Chinese LED profile Market

The Global LED lighting market is growing at a rate of 30%, driven by high demand for energy-saving solutions and installation flexibility

The LED lighting market continues to grow strongly in China, as more Chinese are turning towards green energy.

In 2014, the LED light source share has been estimated to be around less than 10% of total global lighting output, while China alone accounts for close to 30% of the global output.

Analysts forecast that by 2018, LED lighting share in the Chinese market will grow to be around 20%.

LED technology has been applied in different lighting sectors such as residential, commercial, outdoor, and advertising. The most significant application area is still outdoor lamps with over 50 million units sold in 2014.

China is one of the world's largest producers and consumers of LED lighting products, with high demand from the commercial, residential, automotive, marine, and other sectors. The LED lights have gained immense popularity among Chinese local governments as an optimal energy-saving alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps.

As per statistics provided by Tsinghua University, LED lighting in China has a huge potential for growth by 2020. The adoption of LED technology in the Chinese residential sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 55% during the period from 2012 to 2018, according to CITA (China International Trade Association).

The Chinese LED profile market is also booming, mainly driven by high demand from residential and commercial sectors, due to the rise in lighting needs for new construction projects and maintenance of existing buildings.

LED light bar/strip has been one of the most widely used lighting solutions in China's LED fixture market since its introduction around 2009. The advantages of light bars/strips include high brightness, good quality, and excellent energy-saving performance. In addition, the light bar design makes LED lighting installation easier than most other lighting solutions.

How to buy LED profile China 

Lighting is one of the Chinese LED profile exports to the world. The Chinese lighting industry has been growing rapidly, and " Made in China" has become a symbol of high quality and competitiveness in overseas markets. Chinese lighting manufacturers can create a spotlight for any application-from elegant homes to public spaces.


The Chinese government also encourages local industries to enhance their global competitiveness by actively participating in the international market. Chinese lighting manufacturers have been quick to respond: they are eager to supply Chinese LED profiles for a wide range of light fitting applications and, through diversified channels such as B2B trading platform Alibaba, Chinese lighting products can reach Chinese LED profile clients anywhere in the world.


Chinese LED profile manufacturers must find Chinese LED profile clients and be widely known by Chinese LED profile buyers before Chinese LED profile products can penetrate the international market.

Many Chinese manufacturers are using the B2B platform of Alibaba in an attempt to expand their business overseas. The wide range of Chinese LED profiles provided on Alibaba has attracted Chinese LED profile manufacturers worldwide to Chinese LED profile the platform.

Chinese manufacturers can reach Chinese LED profile online Chinese LED profile clients anywhere in the world via the Alibaba Chinese LED profile platform.

Some Chinese suppliers are already using this website to promote their products and find Chinese LED profile buyers from all over the world.

However, unless a Chinese providers has set up a store on Alibaba, Chinese LED manufacturers will not be able to the website effectively. 

To conquer Chinese LED profiles overseas markets, Chinese manufacturers need to spend more money on research and Chinese LED profiles. Chinese manufacturers can Chinese LED profiles from China via the B2B Chinese LED profile platform of Alibaba to Chinese LED profile overseas clients.


So from the perspective of efficiency, If you want to buy LED profile China, we would advise you to choose the B2B platform like Alibaba. The only problem is that this platform focuses on B2B, which is more proper for the people who want to buy products in bulk. 

5 trustworthy companies for LED profile China

Founded in 2008, China Shenzhen Ledodm LightingCo Ltd is a highly professional manufacturer of led lighting products specialized in the design, research development, and sales of indoor & outdoor lighting products. With more than 10 years of experience in the Led profile industry, its products have been widely accepted by the public.


Lightstec®is a China professional-led strip light manufacturer factory. Flexible SMD Led strip light, led aluminum profile, led linear light, cabinet lights are our main products. 

Focus in Asia, Europe, South Africa, Oceania, North America market for more than 13 years. Our led products have CE/ROHS certification for the European market and FCC/IC certification for the North American market. 

Listen to your request carefully, make the order according to your request, service as important as the products. Welcome to Lightstec® factory!

Foshan Tangoo LED Lighting Co., Limited

Founded in 2011, Tangoo LED Lighting Co., Limited is one of the leading led aluminum profile manufacturers in China. The company is an integrated set of design, development, production of industry, and trade. 

With over 200 types of led aluminum profiles covers a range of led cabinet profile, led housing profile, led linear lighting profile, architectural profile, led stair profile, skirting board profile. Our led profile can meet the demand of different led lighting projects.

We set up a plastic extrusion plant in Guzhen, Zhongshan city in 2013. Our extrusion plant is equipped with 15 production lines, with experienced workmen working for extrusion. After years of development, we have grown to be a leader of extrusion technology in Zhongshan. Tangoo extrusions can rival the quality of BWF. 

For the production of aluminum extrusion, we cooperate with a famous aluminum factory whose monthly capacity reaches 2000 tons. And they have strict quality control management. 

We keep work on the design and production of high-quality products for almost 10 years, and we still put that into an effort. Dozens of our led profiles are patent products, and our products are certificated with CE and RoHS, all the products are produced under the standards of CE and RoHS.

Winsen Tile trim

FOSHAN WINSEN BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD, is an enterprise with the manufacture and rich export experience, covering 10,000 Square meters, over a hundred employees. Equipped with advanced aluminum extrusion lines, Anodizing lines, powder coating spray& wooden grain production lines, deep fabrication lines, etc. Winsen Tiletrim can provide various kinds of product in different shapes, sizes, and colors and materials, from L-shaped Aluminum Tile Edge Trim to LED profile.


Innovative R&D concepts& ability, refined management, strict & high efficient, fast global growing sales channels, our advantages can guarantee good quality supply to clients



In recent years, the Chinese LED profile has developed rapidly. Chinese manufacturer have adopted more advanced technology and refined their quality control systems to satisfy the growing demand for Chinese LED profiles in overseas markets. Today Chinese LED profiles are used in a wide range of applications, from lighting high-end luxury homes to modern office buildings, public spaces, and hotels.

China's manufacturing industry is now a competitive force in the global economy. Chinese exports are booming, and Chinese products are widely on LED profile markets overseas. 

If you have interests in the relevant industry, LED Profile China is a very good choice. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us, thanks for your reading!

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