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Tile trim is a necessary part of many tiling projects. You'll see it on wall tiles around the edges and sometimes on floor tiles too. If you're not sure what it is, think about how your bathroom or kitchen has been finished off with a wavy line at the edge of the floor or wall.

That's tile trim! The type of material that will be used for this depends entirely on your tastes and what materials are available to buy in your country.

Now, where can I buy tile trim? Most places that sell DIY supplies should stock some sort of tile trim - hardware stores, home improvements shops and even large supermarkets may well have them available to either online or instore. You might also find some on the large auction and buy&sell websites available.

In this article, we will share some content about the where to buy tile trim, explaining the reason why you have better to choose these channels.

The Characteristic of high quality tile trim


What does high-quality tile trim look like? This can vary slightly depending on where they are used; it is important to note the use of the product before choosing its exact type. However, there are common characteristics among all high-quality tile trims which are listed below.

The high quality of  tile trim is based on the depth, clarity and colour of its shine.

High grade materials

 Only high grade materials are used in their production, which allows for high contrast between light and dark colours to make contrast with high aesthetic value.

Without defects

No manufacturing defects, such as visible seams or cracks, should be present in the finished product. It should not flake off easily due to high strength properties of high-quality tiles.


High-quality tiles will fit together perfectly without any gaps left after installation when using grout joints recommended by the manufacturer.

High quality raw material

The stone used in the production of high quality tile trim is very hardy and can withstand wear and tear well compared to low-quality stones that do not have high strength properties.

High-quality tile trims are highly resistant to stains from grout or natural exposure, which allows them to stay high quality for a long period of time.

If you look at high-quality tile trim and high-quality tiles carefully, these characteristic should be visible if high quality materials were used in the manufacturing process.

 Manufacturing process of Tile trim


How does high-quality tile trim get made? Before we can start with the explanation, it is important to know that high-quality tile trims are made from stone products such as marble, granite and limestone. These stones require special treatment before they can be used for tiles.


They must go through different processes so that they can be finished into-quality tiles ready for installation. Here are some of the processing steps high-quality tiles go through before they are ready to be installed.


  • The cutting process is very important for high-quality tiles, high quality tile trim and high quality mosaics. High quality stone cannot be cut with just any kind of cutting tool that can be found in a hardware store or home improvement store.


  • The cutting of high-quality stones requires special diamond tipped tools that will allow for precision cutting without breaking the product itself. This is an essential step in creating high-quality tile trims, with all kinds of shapes and designs possible with this method if done properly.


  • The polishing process is another important part in achieving high finishes on high-quality tiles*. High-quality tile trims will have high aesthetic values with high-quality polished finish.
    Special polishing tools and polishing agents are used to achieve high-quality finishes, in order to meet the high standards of high quality tiles and high quality tile trim in almost all parts of the world.


  • The grouting process is another important step when making high-quality tiles*. High quality tiles must be installed with very high strength grouts which also need to be high quality if you wish for your installation to last a long time. If not installed properly, high-quality tiles can crack or break if they were made from low-grade materials.


  • Lastly, sealing is an important part in creating high- tile trims*. Sealing high quality tiles and high quality tile trim will protect them from stains and their high finishes, as high-quality stones are not susceptible to any staining agents unlike low grade stone products. High-quality sealers can turn high-quality tiles into high-quality tiles.

How do you choose high-quality tile trim?

There are some factors that determine whether or not a certain high quality tile trim is worth buying:



High quality tile tr with higher thickness tend to last longer than high-quality tile trims with thin body.



High quality tile trims with heavier bodies are more durable and do not crack or break easily like high quality tiles that are lighter in weight.


High finish

 high quality tile trim must have high-quality high finishes for it to be considered high quality, check for high-finishes before purchasing high quality tiles and mosaics made from stone products such as marble, granite and limestone.


The brand/manufacturer of the high-quality tiles

There may be some brands out there that manage their factories properly so their product lines remain consistent in terms of durability, design style preferences and even color matching. It is important to find high quality tile trims from brands that have high-quality high finishes, are made from high grade materials, are high in thickness and weight.

high quality tile trims from high-end brands will probably cost more than high quality tile trims from brands that specialize in cheap high-quality tiles. They may not be present in your local tile stores, but they are available through online shops and high quality tile retailers.


The price of high-quality tiles

Just because cheap high-quality tiles may be available for sale does not mean that you should choose them over high quality tile trim . Always prioritize high-grade materials when buying high-quality tiles.


The size of the high-quality tiles

 Tiles which are larger in size tend to look better with higher quality finishing compared to smaller sized high quality tile trims. Low quality high quality tile trims can be easily spotted if they are small in size, avoid these kinds of products.


Flaws or damages

Lastly, double check the high-quality tiles you intend to purchase for any flaws or damages before you take them home with you! If there are any issues with the high-quality tiles upon your inspection when buying from a retailer, ask them if they can replace it for a flawless replacement.

If not, go to another supplier until you find a high quality tile trim which has no problems or issues whatsoever. Keep looking until you achieve high-quality high tile trim.


Excellent finishing

high quality tiles with high finishings must be polished by professionals to maintain their high quality high finishes for a longer period of time before they start to dull and lose their shine. Tile trims made from high grade materials do not need professional polishing, they can be cleaned easily even at home with the use of only soap water!

Where to buy Tile trim

If you are looking for a company that sells tile trim, then there are several possible ways to go about it.

Online research

One common way is to simply do an online search using the specific keywords of 'tile trim'. This will provide with you with many different results, some of which may be companies where you can purchase your tile trim.

Searching in local phone directory

Another way would be to look up companies in your local phone directory whose business is primarily selling tile and its trims.

This will also give you more choices aside from just one option since many other people might have used these services before and written their own testimonials or wrote a review on the service.

Adding this piece of information can help steer your decision towards who you should buy from, especially if this kind of information is readily available online.


Asking your friends who bought before

It would also be advisable if you ask around the neighborhood or even the people at home if they know any company who sells tile trims or one that can install them for you.

There could be many possibilities but it's always worth checking out, especially if these people have no plans of buying their own tiles anytime soon and might want to save some money by giving your project a little push forward!


Why choose Winsen Tiletrim


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How to buy Accessories used in installation


When installing tile, there are many accessories it's necessary to buy for installation. But where can you buy these items?


 Tile trim sellers

One place to buy your tile trim is from the same place you buy your tiles. Many big box retailers have aisles dedicated to some types of bathroom and kitchen fixtures, so it's important to check those areas first as they'll probably have a wider selection than something like Amazon or eBay will offer.

Depending on the retailer, you may be able to find door trims, baseboard trims, wall sconces and other adornments that match the tile design of your choice.

However note that even if a fixture matches perfectly in color or design, not all copper pipe or plastic tubing is created equal. If you buy your trim at the same time as your tiles, make sure to buy all of your components together; otherwise if their finishes don't match exactly (or worse, don't match each other) you'll wind up with a hodge-podge look that will be obvious to anyone who sees it.

E-commerce platform

Another option for buying tile trim is through individual sellers on sites like eBay or Craigslist. The benefit of shopping this way is that these sellers often buy surplus amounts of the product they're selling, which means it's usually inexpensive and can also often times lead to some variety for those who buy multiple times or in bulk.

For example, perhaps you have 10 bathrooms in your house being tiled but only need fixtures designed for one of them, like the shower tile trim. Just buy what you need here and then buy additional styles or colors for other bathrooms at home at your leisure after you've completed the first room.



Winsen Tiletrim offers a wide array of products that will help you get the perfect tile trim for your project. We also offer installation accessories, such as adhesive and spacers, to make sure your installation goes smoothly from start to finish.

No matter what kind of tile trim or accessory you need, we’ve got it covered! Browse our online store today and find out more about how Winsen Tiletrim can help improve the quality of your home improvement projects. 


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