8 Reliable Quadrant edge trim manufacturers in 2021 


Just like L-shaped Aluminum Tile Edge Trim,  Quadrant edge trim is a type of molding that can be used to cover up the edges of anything from a piece of wood, to a door.  It's also known as a "baseboard."

The benefits of using Quadrant edge trim are numerous- it protects the surface from being scratched by whatever you're leaning on it against, and it makes your room look more put together.

As the industry grows, more and quadrant edge trim manufacturers have sprout around the world. Nowadays, when you want to buy or wholesale quadrant edge trim manufacturers,

it’s so difficult to find the best one at a short time without professional supports.  

Do not worry, we will help you solve this problem. At the beginning of this post, we will introduce different kinds of edge trim for you to have a basic understanding to the products. And then we will provide 10 reliable manufacturers for Quadrant edge trim in 2021 for reference! You can choose one which is fit your condition easily! 

So this blog will includes two part: 

Different kinds of edge trim 

8 reliable Quadrant edge trim manufacturers 


Different kinds of edge trim

There are different types of edge trim for different cuts. The following edges can be achieved with different types of edge trims:

- Full quarter round

 This is created with a single strip that has end returns, which form the quarter round pattern at both ends. To maintain the continuity of the pattern, tinsmiths install nails through return flanges into end ribs to hold them in place.

- Half round or Cove Base Moulding 

 The term cove base moulding includes different shapes such as half rounds, quarter rounds and bullnose edges. Each one is made up of a different arrangement of parts before installation on your home.

There are two different ways to make half round trims. One way is to make different shaped cuts for different parts of the trim. The other way is to cut different parts of the trim at different angles.

- Three piece quarter round

 Sometimes called three piece bullnose, this edging pieces consist of cove base moulding with a small return installed in the middle. It can be used to cover an uneven surface or applied along stair treads where one piece overlaps another by 1/4".

- Cove Base Mouldings or Half Rounds

This edge trim can be made up of different types of styles each giving different styles and looks depending on the decorating style you are trying to achieve.

They include: Quarter Round Style, Straight Style, Reverse Flare Style, V Groove Style, Bull Nose Style, Cornered Style.

- Outside corner 

 Corner pieces are different for different types of corners. They include: Outside corner, inside corner (90 degree) and quitter (135 degree).

A 90-degree outside corner has a solid end piece called the scribe attached to the bottom of the trim board with nails that match the existing flooring pattern.

The scribe covers any gap that occurs at inside or outside corners.

For this reason, an outside corner is also known as the reveal type, because it reveals any opening created by different wall thicknesses. An inside corner has no scribe just an end cap nailed onto the top of the trim board..

- Inside Quarter Round .

 This type of edge is used when cove base molding is required to reach around different obstacles. For example, it can be used near baseboard heaters or structural elements that protrude into the cove moulding.


8 Reliable Quadrant Edge Trim Manufacturers

1. Niuyuan Global Group

Niuyuan Global Group, the famous top brand in building material.

We are focusing on providing all-inclusive solutions to our clients for their needs of tile trims made from Aluminium or stainless steel with many different designs and finishing options available including Anodizing & Spray Painting among others!

For the past 10 years, our company's products have been successful in both domestic and international markets. We are devoted to providing well-suited services for corporate clients with an emphasis on friendly relations while maintaining integrity at all times."

Why? It’s because we love what we do! If you're looking for some advice or assistance from highly knowledgeable experts then feel free contact us anytime; there will always be someone available who can answer your questions promptly.



KSL GLOBAL is a tile company that has been in operation for 12 years and enjoys an excellent reputation. They are known to provide high quality products with creative designs, as well as making their own tiles from scratch or designing other shapes not available on the market such like skirting boards and expansion joints which can be used by other companies looking into manufacturing these items themselves without having any knowledge about how it works under Magic Quadrant 8. 

We won't let you down. With our high-end production equipment and technology, we guarantee the quality of all products for customers who trust us with their needs in mind!

We provide comprehensive support through many different channels to ensure lasting success together as partners on this journey toward growth - growing up always has its rewards ;)

3. Foshan Nanhai Dili Decoration Accessories Co.,Ltd

Foshan Nanhai Dili Decoration Accessories Co.,Ltd is a company located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province that manufactures tile trimming products for floors and stairs.

They also produce carpet trimmings as well stainless steel or aluminum roofing tiles among others things to make homes more beautiful!

Our products are very high quality and we have over 10 years of product development to back up our claim. In addition, with a team that is committed exclusively to manufacturing you can be sure they'll get it done fast!

Our skilled and dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our factory offers a wide range of products, from high quality tires for cars or trucks all the way down to bicycle inner tubes; we have what you need!

You can also find replacement parts in case something goes wrong on one our items--we're here when needed so don't hesitate asking us about anything and everything related with buying new gear at great prices too good not be true  

4.  Domogres

The Domogres Corporation is a leading manufacturer of SPC Flooring, Laminate Flooring and LVT Tiles for export markets.

Founded in 1948 as China's first wood floor factory by Mr'u Dong who had originally established his company to make furniture out doors using locally sourced materials like teak or oak but he soon realized the potential market value behind manufacturing high quality indoor floors made from these same woods - which explains why today you can find our products all over Asia! 

Currently, the annual production capacity is around 22 million sqm which only 85% of it's potential.

To ensure quality control and reduce downtime for customers we have 20 QC teams that work in tandem with 10 R&D technicians as well as DMFT certified ISO9001/ISO140011 TUV CEor FLOOR SCORE certificates on hand along with an experienced staff ready to meet any demand you may need!

5. Foshan Jiecheng Lenwa Aluminium Co. Ltd.

Foshan Jiecheng Lenwa Aluminium Co. Ltd., which is a private enterprise in China that specializes in research & development, manufacturing and marketing for aluminum products such as architectural or decorative extrusion with capacity of 100K tons per year at their two bases Dali Foshan & Huadu Guangzhou covering 30 acres each offering high-quality service after more than 20 years' worth experience gained through hard work to be sure you receive only the best quality services every time

For a custom manufacturer of metal edge trim, look no further than Metal Superstore.

They can provide you with all types and sizes at different thicknesses to fit your needs! Alongside this wide range there are pre-finishing operations like plating or anodizing for those interested in changing up their appearance once installed on top of something else;

Paint colors available as well if that's what one would prefer.Rolling shapes such as profiles/channels allow customers more flexibility when designing their own projects while angle bendings slot into round corners making them perfect options within any industry whether it be residential garage building construction site manufacturing plants etc..  

Marvel Engineering Works

Mavellar Manufacturing Co was founded back during 2007 which means they've had enough time making sure everything manufactured here meets up with your expectations - not just today but tomorrow too

We try not to make any mistakes in our work and keep a close eye on deadlines. We aim for quick delivery of the product, which has been proven by many clients since they have appreciated how responsive we are when it comes down from urgent matters!


EMAC® S.L is a family owned business founded in 1987 by Juan José Boix to provide new solutions and products for the ceramic industry, such as bricks with improved insulation properties that help keep buildings warmer during winter months when energy costs are lowest or even reduce them entirely!

At present, Emac® is unceasingly expanding and growing. His continuous advancement produces new commercial partnerships in different parts of the world as Artelux Ceramic Painted by Hand Company among others businesses he also expands into other economic activities such as construction industry

Mentioning that his success can be attributed for much thanks to its knowledge about building materials which has helped increase employment opportunities within various communities over time while at same time contributing significantly towards improving quality-of-life issues faced locally or globally


The market for edge trim and related products is booming, as homeowners invest in upgrades to their homes.

With home remodeling on the rise, there’s a need for more reliable Quadrant Edge Trim manufacturers that can meet demand with quality products.

We recommend you check out these 8 companies we know will be able to provide what you need at a reasonable price point. What are your favorite brands of edge trims? Let us know so we can add them!



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