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Edge Trim is an important part of any construction or renovation project, and if you're looking for the best prices on square edge trim, you've come to the right place. In this blog, we'll take a look at some of the best options out there when it comes to edge trim, so you can find the perfect product for your needs.

We'll also discuss some of the factors you should consider when making your purchase. At last, we will also share some best price square edge trim factories for reference.

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What’s edge trim

Different types of edge trim

The benefits of using edge trim

Best price square edge trim factory for reference


Whats Edge Trim?

 Edge trims are pieces of material that are placed along the outermost lip of a surface to give it definition and make its contours look more seamless. The most common example of this is the wooden board on the edges of tabletops

Different types of edge trims are used for different purposes in different areas.  They are different types of mold for different types of tiles,  stone,  granite, etc. Those different molds are made of different materials and different shapes. Here we will discuss them with their names and uses:

Different shape of Edge Trim 

1- T shape square

it is a kind of mold which has got 4 straight lines and two L-shape lines also. It is used to make square-shaped tiles and stone pieces. hot sale t shaped edge trim manufacturers


2- L Shape

 this one is quite similar to the T shape but it has no right angle corner just like the letter L. This type of mold is used to make rectangles or any other same length line-shaped tiles.


3- T shape Feather

This one is different from the other shapes as it has got different sizes of sides in different areas. It is made a little bit rotated and that makes different size angles or corners at different distances. This type of mold is used to make different types of ceramic pieces which have different length lines with different sizes


4- Arrowhead

it is a kind of mold that has got a pointy edge on both sides and one straight line in the middle. It is used to make round edges or any circular-shaped pieces.


5Square corner

 This one also has got a straight line in the middle but four different L-shape lines are attached with it from all directions to make right-angle corners at both sides. this type of mold is used to make different types of square pieces and different angles line shapes.


6- Feather

it has got different sizes of lines in different areas just like T shape feather edge but they are not straight it has curved lines which make different length edges. It is also used for making different types of shapes with different sizes and different curved lines on them.


7- Notch

it has one straight line in the middle with different L-shape notch at different distances from each other. this one is similar to an arrowhead but its notch is not pointy rather it's quite wide with a little bit of triangular shape at both sides, It is mainly used to make angular corners or edges which have right-angle corners.


8- Oval

it has got different curved lines in different areas with one straight line in the middle. This type of mold is used to make different size circles or oval shapes.


Different types of edges trims are very useful for different work like building different types of walls, kitchen cabinets, etc. They can also be used with different materials like stones and different types of tiles etc. they can also be used on different projects which need different types of shapes and different sizes with their accurate angles.

Different materials of edge trim 

Tile edging is a crucial element for tile installation as it contributes to the final appearance of the floor. There are different types of edge trim available in different materials, but there is also the different method by which they have been attached to the tiles.

Edge trims can be divided into two groups: perimeter and internal (or field) trims. The first group serves as an outer decorative element that covers or protects the joint between tiles and adjacent elements such as door threshold, window sill, or cabinet top; whereas the second group serves as a middle decorative element that protects tile layout joints within one room.

Edge trims can be made of different materials. Wood, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, and different kinds of plastics are the most common ones. Each material has different properties that influence its quality.


Wood is mostly used for internal (field) trims as they are non-corrosive and resistant to different environmental conditions like moisture or dryness, but it is also used for external (perimeter) trims where installation doesn't involve direct contact with water or humidity.


Stainless steel edge trims are suitable both for internal (field) and perimeter (external) installations, they are corrosion resistant and thus last longer than wood trim does;

However, they're not suitable for applications involving high temperature or heat radiation because they might deform after time due to extreme conditions. Aluminum alloy edge trims are not very different from stainless steel ones, but they're more resistant to different environmental conditions.



Plastics are commonly used for internal (field) installations as they are corrosion-proof and weather-resistant; additionally, plastics can also be installed in different atmospheric conditions like high humidity or heat radiation, without the risk of deformation.



They are different types of plastic trims available depending on installation purpose: - PVC edging is rigid and has low resistance against different chemicals, therefore it's mainly used for internal (field) installations where tiles layout joints aren't exposed to different chemical products.



- Polyurethane trim is flexible and has higher resistance against different chemicals, therefore it's mostly used for both internal (field) and perimeter (external) installations.


The different type of edge trims available may be also different in different surface finishes, as if one


Natural stone

are one of the hardest tiles on earth; they're composed of different minerals including quartz (SiO2), calcite (CaCO3), and mica (K2O·Al2O3). These minerals give them high resistance against different chemicals, abrasion, and scratches. They can be installed both inside and outside;

However, they require different types of edge trims depending on their purpose: - perimeter trims made from stainless steel or aluminum alloy are mostly used for applications where natural stones are installed next to different elements which are not porous. - internal trims made from different plastics are mostly used for different tile materials which are less hard than natural stones.


Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are man-made minerals; different raw materials like feldspar (Al2Si3O8), kaolin (Al2Si2O5(OH)4), or quartz (SiO2) are mixed to obtain the desired composition.

Porcelain is one of the most common materials to be used in different buildings, mainly because it's resistant to different environmental conditions;

For example, porcelain installed inside can tolerate different variations of humidity and dryness without cracks or deformation.

It should only be handled with care as they might break after dropping on a hard surface. They require different types of trims depending on different installation purposes: - internal trims made from different plastics and polyurethane for different applications where porcelain tiles are laid in indoor areas. -

perimeter or external edge trim made from different types of metals such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, steel, and stainless steel for different applications where porcelain tiles are used outside.


Natural stone

Natural stone is a relatively hard material that also has good heat retention capacity; last but not least they look aesthetically impressive when added to different decorative elements such as cladding or flooring.

Their main drawback is that they're prone to scratches and stains so they must be handled with care; this might change the choice of tile edge trim in some cases. For example, different plastic trim might be used for different types of tiles which are less hard than natural stones.



Ceramics are formed by different minerals, mainly kaolin (Al2Si2O5(OH)4), feldspar (Al2O3·SiO2), calcium sulfate, or quartz (SiO2). Some of their properties include porosity, good heat retention capacity mostly this material can contribute to different insulation solutions.

They're usually very light and thus they won't overload different structures; different ceramic trims are suitable for interior applications because they've got smooth surfaces.

Different polyurethane materials can be used not only for regular tiles but also for different tiles with special shapes or sizes since the desired shape can be easily attained by different layering techniques.

Different ceramic trims are different according to different criteria like different raw materials or different installation purposes; However, they mostly can be divided into internal and edge trim for different installations.

Internal ceramic trims are used for different applications where ceramics tiles are laid indoors, whereas external ones are suitable for different types of tiles which require different types of strength.

Precisely different conditions like humidity, dryness or abrasion could damage or crack them mostly if not handled with care; due to that reason the choice of tile edge trim must take into consideration all these factors so as to ensure proper installation success.

Different tile trims comprise different elements which must be chosen carefully depending on different conditions such as different tiles' material, different installation environments (interior or exterior), different humidity.

It's most essential to read different technical documentation before deciding which element is the best for different types of tiles;

Different types of tile trims can be made from different materials like plastic, polyurethane, or ceramic materials depending on different application conditions.

This choice might affect different elements of structure and design since all these factors need to be taken into consideration before a final decision on edge trim installation is taken.

The benefits of using edge trim

There are numerous types of edging products that can be used for multiple applications. The most common use is the edge trim strip which adorns the top surface to hold it down onto its sub-floor.

The sub-floor can be composed of wood, stone, ceramic, concrete, or any other suitable material designed to support the load of the flooring. The purpose of the edge trim is to hold the top surface down securely, is aesthetically pleasing, and add functionality by protecting the edges.

Here are some benefits of using edge trims:

- Helps conceal gaps between floors and walls

The gap can be caused by varying floor elevations or large gaps due to movement of walls etc. The edge trim can be fixed across the top of it to conceal this gap. The strip is designed with a small nosing that covers over the gap and gives an aesthetically pleasing look that conceals its presence.


- Provides durability for the subfloor  

The subfloor is exposed to hundreds of pounds of foot traffic every day, heavy equipment being moved on it, and any number of other factors that can result in injury. The edge trim will provide a durable barrier from the inside surface from being exposed to these injuries from damaging the subfloor.

The strip is made out of a material strong enough to withstand this type of abuse so an accidental or intentional dropping or movement of heavy equipment does not result in damage to the subfloor below.

The material is tested for durability and rigidity under high pressure, impact resistance, etc. The exact test criteria will vary depending on the type of product used but can generally be compared against other similar products in its category.


 - Adds functionality by protecting the edges


The edge trim adds another level of protection to stop the damage from occurring to the floor's edges. The strip is made out of a material that can withstand the impact of moving heavy equipment, furniture, etc. The added functionality also stops objects from falling onto the edge or corner on which it is installed.

The edge trim will protect the material used for the top surface against wear and tear damage caused by these accidental occurrences. The materials have to have test specifications for scratch resistance, impact resistance, tear strength, etc. The exact test criteria will vary depending on the type of product used but can generally be compared against other similar products in its category.

- The edges are aesthetically pleasing

The edge trims are available in a variety of finishes and colors so they can match perfectly with the color used to manufacture. The edge trim strips are tested for their hardness and durability.

The industry that uses The edge trim strip does not take any chances when it comes to protecting its floors or furniture, especially in areas where this type of damage could be costly to repair

The testing criteria will vary depending on the material used but can generally be compared against The same types of edge trim strips used in The same industry.


Best price square edge trim factory for reference

In this part of the content, we will introduce some well-known best price square edge trim factories,  they are also one of the hot sale l shaped edge trim manufacturershot sale square edge trim manufacturershot sale t shaped edge trim manufacturers. So you can get any kind of edge trim from them!

Foshan Shunde Leguwe plastics industrial Co., LTD

If you're looking for a professional, high-quality service in the extrusion plastic products industry then look no further. Our company has produced over 70 kinds of different types and are confident we can handle whatever your needs maybe! If there is something specific that catches my eye let me know - I'll gladly take care of it for you!

I hope this email finds you all well at home? Please don't hesitate to contact us if anything comes up while reading; someone else might need these opportunities before they arise again so make sure somebody gets them first


Subha Metal Industries

Subha Metal Industries is a top-notch company that specializes in manufacturing, exporting, and wholesaling Stainless Steel pipes.

They were established back in 2009 at Chennai - the capital city for South India's largest state Tamil Nadu where they have been able to create innovative ideas such as their world-class quality products which are extraordinary through flawless finishing techniques making them stand out among other companies within our industry with similar offerings

We pride ourselves not only because we supply high volumes but also offer individualized customer service based around your needs


Foshan Sanshui Match Hardware Product Co., Ltd.

We are a professional aluminum extrusion company that has been specializing in supplying custom metal products for over 20 years. We have established partnerships with companies throughout Europe, and we enjoy importing quality materials from everywhere on the continent as well!


This is because of our commitment to excellence: Our main business includes producing high-quality Aluminium alloys such as 6061+T651 which benefits from being anti-dumped by China who sell them below cost due to their devalued currency;

processing these goods into finished parts or components through die casting machines before anodizing/extruding then coloring if needed CNC cutting grinding sandblasting etc., always ensuring first-class customer service along


M-D building products

It all began when L.A Macklanburg and his wife moved to their new Oklahoma City home in 1919. Prompted by the need to keep cold winter air and summer dust and dirt out, L.A. Macklanburg built the first weatherstripping in order to keep the elements from coming under his front door.

Seeing an opportunity, he built a brass-folding hand-crank weatherstrip machine and took it to the Oklahoma State Fair in early July 1920, and thus a new entity was born.

 M-D Building Products has made many acquisitions, and most recently the Loxcreen Flooring Group.

This acquisition allowed M-D to diversify their business even further by expanding into Canada as well as re-entering the professional flooring market with new products for both contractors who install floors professionally on buildings across North America or those looking for high-quality residential usage such as an entranceway that will last longer than just a few years before needing replacement due to its wear & tear from constant traffic passing through every day at various hours throughout weekdays but also weekends too!


Foshan Nanhai Dili Decoration Accessories Co.,Ltd

Foshan Nanhai Dili Decoration Accessories Co.,Ltd is a company located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province that manufactures tile trimming products for floors and stairs.


They also produce carpet trimmings as well stainless steel or aluminum roofing tiles among other things to make homes more beautiful!


Our products are very high quality and we have over 10 years of product development to back up our claim. In addition, with a team that is committed exclusively to manufacturing, you can be sure they'll get it done fast!


Our skilled and dedicated staff work tirelessly to ensure that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Our factory offers a wide range of products, from high-quality tires for cars or trucks all the way down to bicycle inner tubes; we have what you need!


You can also find replacement parts in case something goes wrong on one of our items--we're here when needed so don't hesitate to ask us about anything and everything related to buying new gear at great prices too good not be true  


The Domogres Corporation is a leading manufacturer of SPC Flooring, Laminate Flooring, and LVT Tiles for export markets.

Founded in 1948 as China's first wood floor factory by Mr'u Dong who had originally established his company to make furniture outdoors using locally sourced materials like teak or oak but he soon realized the potential market value behind manufacturing high-quality indoor floors made from these same woods - which explains why today you can find our products all over Asia!

Currently, the annual production capacity is around 22 million sqm which is only 85% of its potential.

To ensure quality control and reduce downtime for customers we have 20 QC teams that work in tandem with 10 R&D technicians, as well as DMFT, certified ISO9001/ISO140011 TUV CEor FLOOR SCORE certificates on hand along with an experienced staff ready to meet any demand you may need! 



 it is an enterprise with the manufacture and rich export experience, covering 10,000 Square meters, over a hundred employees. Equipped with advanced aluminum extrusion lines, Anodizing lines, powder coating spray& wooden grain production lines, deep fabrication lines, etc. Daily produce over 80000pieces
Innovative R&D concepts& ability, refined management, strict & high efficient, fast global growing sales channels, our advantages can guarantee good quality supply to clients

We insist on independent innovation, focus on high-grade aluminum trims production &OEM specific products of global stand demanding, with over 10 years global market development experience, our markets cover Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia...etc.
“Quality makes our brand, Character achieves development” Hold infirm with this principle & belief, famous brand and New era of decorative trims will be creative by us!


You may be wondering what edge trim is or why you would need it. Edge trim is a type of molding that’s placed on the edges of your cabinets, doors, and windows to give them an extra level of protection from wear and tear over time. There are several types of edge trim available in different colors to match any style of kitchen or bathroom design. 

Other than edge trim, we also provide other products like LED profile, Tile leveling system……, all of our products can help you to get a more charming appearance of your house! 

To find out more about how we can help you choose the right type for your project contact us today! Our prices are unbeatable and our customer service team will be happy to answer all your questions before purchasing anything so don't hesitate to reach out if you're unsure which one will work best for you.


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