If you're in the market for some new LED profiles, you might be wondering where to buy aluminum LED profiles for sale. There are a few different places you can go, but it all depends on what kind of profile you're looking for and what your budget is. In this blog post, we'll give you a few tips on aluminum LED profiles where to buy, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Process of aluminum led profile

Different kinds of LED profile

Two main channels for aluminum led profile where to buy

10 Reliable led linear lighting suppliers  you can choose for a Led profile where to buy

Process of aluminum led profile

Aluminum led profile is different aluminum profiles, different materials are different characteristics. It consists of different components, different performances. Factors are different specifications for different requirements.

Clear anodization surface treatment process using adsorption technology to create a super bright reflective effect, LEDs light will not appear dark spots;

Silver-plated technology can effectively reduce the internal resistance of line products, leading to ultra-high brightness operation; offering good insulation properties and moisture-proofing properties.

Low thermal conductivity aluminum alloy die-casting machine adsorption transparent protective film on both sides of the glass has excellent rigidity, impact resistance is very good, anti-aging properties are very strong. Anti-oxidation treatment to ensure that the product can be used in different environments.

Full anodization surface processing, color uniformity, strong corrosion-resistance, LEDs will not appear different colors;

Silver-plated technology to effectively reduce the internal resistance of line products, leading to ultra-high brightness operation; offer good insulation properties and moisture-proofing properties.

Low thermal conductivity aluminum alloy die-casting machine adsorption transparent protective film on both sides of the glass has excellent rigidity, impact resistance is very good, anti-aging properties are very strong. Anti-oxidation treatment ensures that the product can be used in different environments.


Different kinds of aluminum led profile

   There are different kinds of profiles of different uses. Some different profiles are made up of different variations of aluminum led profiles. These different variations increase the usefulness and different applications in use for the different aluminum led profile types.


1) 3mm Edge-Lit Profile:


The 3mm edge-lit profile is a LED strip used to backlight flat screen displays such as TV screens, computer monitors and other similar devices.

This type of LED strip lighting is designed to be stuck onto the rear surface (the backside) of a TV or monitor that has a flat screen and then illuminated from behind by high-power LEDs to provide uniform front illumination.

This kind of profile offers the best performance in terms can maintain its optical uniformity even when it is far away from the screen or behind it. On the other hand, different variations of 3mm edge-lit profiles are different kinds of aluminum-led profiles.


2) 5mm Edge-Lit Profile:


The 5mm edge-lit profile is used to backlight different types of screens that can be flat or curved in shape. It is commonly used by the medical industry to provide illumination behind different diagnostic equipment monitors and screens where portability, low heat generation, and flexible installation are important factors for consideration.

Unlike larger area displays, the performance requirements tend to be less critical for this application due to its smaller size which means different variations of 5mm edge-lit profile can have different kinds of aluminum led profiles.

However, the 5mm LED strip requires careful attention when adhering typically in order to maintain optimal performance and this different variety of different kinds of aluminum led profile.


3) 0.5mm Thin Profile:


The 0.5mm thin profile is a standard LED strip used in different applications such as under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, retail display case lighting, and architectural accent or feature lighting where it can be applied to different types of rear-lit luminaries using different kinds of adhesives to achieve different effects for different purposes.

It consists of multiple LED chips (typically 3 pieces) on a flexible substrate that can be cut into different shapes or sizes to suit different requirements and different applications and then encapsulated with resin and will be able to withstand tough environmental conditions without affecting its function. These types of different variations make up different kinds of aluminum-led profiles.


4) Edge Lit Z-Bend Profile:

The edge-lit z bend profile is different kinds of different variations that can provide different applications for different purposes.

These different variations make up different kinds of aluminum-led profiles. The design allows the end-user to install each strip in any direction that is necessary or suitable for different applications and then use adhesive tape to stick it on different surfaces like walls, ceilings, etc.

It's widely used in different areas like TV backlight, display case light, cove lighting, under-cabinet lights, etc. It offers good performance when it comes to uniformity and lumen maintenance, while the simple installation process makes it easy to be applied by maximum users. On the other hand, this edge-lit z bend different variations of different kinds of aluminum led profiles can come in different lengths with different kinds of different variations.


5) Edge Lit Speaker Profile:


The edge-lit speaker profile is another popular type that is similar to the 3mm, 5mm and 0.5mm thin LED strip but it uses different materials on the substrate making it very durable. This makes it suitable for the different requirements by all amateurs; end-user can simply stick it onto their speakers with an appropriate adhesive tape to achieve different purposes like highlighting the speaker box or used as decoration light. Similar to other types of profiles, it offers high brightness, low voltage requirement, and no shadowing issues. But these different variations make up different kinds of aluminum led profiles.


6) 3D Stereo Profile:


The different types of different variations is suitable for different purposes. These different variations make up different kinds of aluminum led profiles. It can be used for stairs lights, walkway lighting, steps lighting and other different areas that are necessary. This different variation offers a nice appearance which will show the different designs from different angles with different kinds of aluminum led profiles. Some end users also use it as a decoration light since it can produce colorful lighting effects, but this will need a different controller to change the color. To sum up, this different kind of aluminum led profile offers a professional package solution that is suited for all applications, and no matter what the installation requirements are, it's very easy to achieve the maximum result. Just simply different variations and different colors make different kinds of aluminum led profiles.


Two main channels for aluminum led profile where to buy

There are two main ways of buying LED profiles, online and offline.  

Yes, if you are already in the industry you are most likely to know this but those who are new or trying their luck in this business will surely find this useful.

You may buy it through the Alibaba Website where there is an option of small orders which includes 10 pcs of the latest design-led strips per roll with 5 meters long without any MOQ requirement. This is a very easy way just to search for the product on and send them an inquiry by clicking " Inquire Now ".

Fill up all details accurately so that they can easily reply back your email. You may also buy through other eCommerce websites like Aliexpress and eBay, but the problem with these sites is they accept only credit cards, not PayPal. Channels we can use for aluminum led profile

Offline Channels: Offline Channels are mostly used by big LED light manufacturers or dealers that deals in a high volume of LED lights such as architectural buildings lighting, car lighting where minimum order quantity (MOQ) usually starts from 5 pcs to 500pcs per design if you do not have any MOQ requirements you may use offline channels otherwise always go with online Channels. Alibaba and aliexpress deliver goods at your doorstep through DHL, UPS, and FedEx while eBay does not take care of shipping and delivery.


10 Reliable led linear lighting suppliers  you can choose for a Led profile where to buy  



Dialight is a global leader in intelligent lighting technologies for industry, with over 50 years of carbon emissions to help customers around the world meet their demanding needs no matter where they operate or what environment exists at home

The company's purpose remains unchanged through innovative products like these - improving our lives both now as well as generations from now! 



Thorlux’s history spans over seventy years and they are still going strong. The company was founded in 1936 by Frederick William Thorpe, who made his fortune manufacturing street lights for towns across Great Britain before emigrating to Australia where he created even more innovative products like traffic signals (a predecessor also known as "traffic miracles").

Thorlux is well known throughout the world and provides a comprehensive range of professional lighting and control systems for architectural, commercial, floodlighting, industrial, hazardous area, and tunnel applications.


Winsen Tiletrim

FOSHAN WINSEN BUILDING MATERIAL CO.,LTD, it is an enterprise with the manufacture and rich export experience, covering 10,000 Square meters, over a hundred employees. Equipped with advanced aluminum extrusion lines, Anodizing lines, powder coating spray& wooden grain production lines, deep fabrication lines, ect. Daily produce over 80000pieces
Innovative R&D concepts& ability, refined management, strict & high efficient, fast global growing sales channels, our advantages can guarantee good quality supply to clients

We insist on independent innovation, focus on high-grade aluminum trims, LED profile production & OEM-specific products of global stand demanding, with over 10 years global market development experience, our markets cover Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia...ect.
“Quality makes our brand, Character achieves development” Hold infirm with this principle & belief, famous brand and New era of decorative trims will be creative by us!


Anhui Shengxin Aluminium Corporation Limited

The Aluminium Corporation in Anhui is known for its high-quality products. They have been operating since 2003 and currently operate 40 production lines, including smelting casting extruding anodizing powder coating electrophoresis fluorocarbon wood grain transfer printing environmental protection energy-saving thermal treatment leaving no waste or pollution behind on their premises

Xuancheng District- Our Factory was established October 2006 with the registered capital size 100 million RMB; located at Chuangye Road X City, Anqing Economic Development Zone where has a large area (189000 sqm) covers three floors above ground level together form one big building which houses all necessary equipment such us furnaces presses lathes machines, etc...


Guangdong Haofeng Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd

Founded in 2003, Guangdong Haofeng Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd is one of China's top aluminum factories with 20 years' worth of experience. They produce construction and industrial profiles for a variety uses such as buildings or cars to name just two examples! Covering an area 30000 sqm large (enough space suitable enough house 50 thousand people), the company year production capacity reaches up high at 50000 tons which includes items like your typical household electronics- they make them too!

They have been recognized for their high-quality services in both extrusion, powder coating processes along with anodized finishes by winning multiple patents on technological advancements like spraying techniques which give wood grain transfer surfaces making them stand out from competitors

Incorporating innovation into every aspect of production has allowed this company to flourish despite being regionally headquartered within China


Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Refond Optoelectronics Co., Ltd is the world's well-known LED packaging solutions and Opto semiconductor supplier, which covers the research and development as well as production of LED light sources and provides application solutions for Micro LED display, AI sensor, general lighting, etc.

Refond was founded in 2000 with scientific and technological innovation, technology leadership, and product differentiation, which are the core competitiveness of our company. Refond has established deep business and strategic partnerships with the world's first-tier brands. At present, the company focuses on Mini LED, Micro LED, AI sensor devices, and other areas of research and development and business layout, to enhance the company's core competitiveness and sustainable profitability.

During years of development and accumulation, Refond has helped customers in various industries and meet the needs of present and future social development with scientific and technological innovation.

In the future, Refond Optoelectronics will continue to practice the brief of "enriching human life with innovation and technology", integrating global resources with technology, promoting innovation and development. Over 20 years, Refond is committed to realizing the corporate vision of "the world's leading technology company".



Lightstec is a LED light factory in Shenzhen that has been operating for over six years. In 2013, we moved our production facility to Zhongshan City and have since optimized the manufacturing process by investing heavily into research & development so as offer high-performance products of great quality at competitive prices while employing top-notch craftsmanship from countries all around Asia like China or Thailand where they can get a skilled workforce with low costs due wages being lower than other locations such as Canada which helps them keep the cost down on average when considering salaries plus benefits package 


Shenzhen LvSen Lighting Technology Co,.Ltd

Shenzhen LvSen Lighting Technology Co,.Ltd was founded in 2012, located in Baoan District, Shenzhen. We are one of the professional aluminum extrusion manufacturers of LED aluminum profiles in China. Up to 2018, LVSEN has more than 160 types of tooling of LED profiles for options and the engineering team is continually launching new products to our business partners. This helps us to get a high reputation and a great business.

At LVSEN, we're always looking for ways to improve our business and reach new heights. That's why in 2017 alone:

The company introduced a range of LED aluminum profiles that allow customers more options when it comes time for them to choose their perfect light fitting;  And finally, after three years with no major accidents or incidents on-site (and), Shenzhen became China’s first ‘entry green zone’! So if you want an efficient yet stylish way to make your home shine like never before then look no further than


Xingtaomei has been a family-owned business for more than 40 years. The first generation was one of the pioneers in aluminum profile making, which made it an icon among locals up until now who call Foshan "Aluminum City."

Xintao mei's success can be attributed to its trustworthy reputation and high-quality products; they have workforce expertise that spans over 350 employees with talented designers at every level working hard producing top-notch workmanship across many departments - this ensures consistency when delivering on promises made about delivered product specifications no matter how complicated your order might seem

Mingtai Al.

Mingtai Al. was founded in 1997 and listed in Shanghai in 2011, stock number 601677. Mingtai Al. is a large-scale modernized aluminum processing enterprise that includes research and development, production, and sales. our main products are aluminum sheets, plates, coils, foils from 1000 series to 8000 series, and the annual capacity has now already reached 770,000 tons. 



 With all of these options and information, there is no excuse not to get yourself some proper aluminum LED profiles for sale for your next project. These are the 10 reliable aluminum led profile suppliers you can choose from when looking for where to buy led linear lighting products. Make sure that you select a supplier with great customer service and competitive pricing so that you don't end up wasting time or money on an inferior product!

If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your reading!


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