Aluminum Tile Trim Price In China 


As we all know, aluminum is a very versatile metal that has many applications. Among its many uses, aluminum tile trim is one of the most popular. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the price of aluminum tile trim price in China and the Chinese market of aluminum tile trim. We hope that this information will be helpful to you if you are considering using aluminum tile trim in your next project or stepping into the relevant industry.

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The market development of Aluminum tile trim in China

Aluminum tile trim Price in china

Compare the Aluminum tile trim price in China

6 reliable aluminum tile trim suppliers for your reference   


The market development of Aluminum tile trim in China

The aluminum tile trim market of China has saturated in recent years, aluminum tile trim exports and import volume of aluminum tile trim keep stable.

Aluminum tile manufacturers slow down the speed of aluminum sequence innovation and aluminum sequence upgrading, aluminum industry cramp gradually appears on aluminum sheet industry. Chinese aluminum sheet expressway projects and large shopping center project is still full of force and vitality.

The aluminum tile trim market is expected to maintain stable growth in the next few years. The main aluminum tile trim export markets are still the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. aluminum tile manufacturers focus on product quality, technology research and development, environmental protection, and other aspects to improve the competitiveness of products in the international market, aluminum tile trim products will usher in a new situation.

In recent years, aluminum tile manufacturers have increased their investment in research and development, and the quality of aluminum tile trim products has also been greatly improved. Especially the development of aluminum alloy materials, aluminum tile manufacturers can provide more varieties of aluminum tile trim products according to customer needs.

Aluminum tile trim products are not only beautiful and practical, but also have good corrosion resistance, so they are favored by many customers. aluminum tile manufacturers will continue to increase investment in research and development in the future so that aluminum tile trim products can be more competitive in the international market.

At the same time, aluminum tile manufacturers should also pay attention to environmental protection, in order to meet the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the market. aluminum tile trim products with high quality and good environmental performance will have broad market prospects.


Aluminum tile trim Price in china


The Chinese market is one of the most important markets for aluminum tile trim manufacturers. The high demand for aluminum tile trim in China has led to a surge in prices in recent years.

Aluminum tile trim manufacturers in China are able to produce the product at a lower cost than their counterparts in other countries. This has allowed Chinese manufacturers to gain a strong foothold in the global market.


The price of aluminum tile trim in China varies depending on the size and thickness of the product. Prices range from $0.50 to $1.00 per meter, depending on these factors.

Chinese manufacturers have been able to maintain their dominance in the global market by producing high-quality products at a competitive price. In addition, they have been able to respond quickly to changes in the market, which has helped them stay ahead of the competition.

The Chinese market is expected to continue to grow in the years ahead, which will benefit aluminum tile trim suppliers in China. Aluminum tile trim manufacturers around the world are also expected to benefit from the growth of the Chinese market. price. In addition, they have been able to respond quickly to changes in the market, which has helped them stay ahead of the competition.


Compare the Aluminum tile trim price in China

The Chinese market of Aluminum tile trim Prices in china is more and more competitive, so how to compare the Aluminum tile trim prices in china has become a problem worth focusing on. How to compare the Chinese price of the same product with another supplier from different countries? There are three methods that can be used as reference:


1. Cost-Based Pricing Method [Including Cost-plus method]

The first thing we need to do is calculate our production costs so we know what margin we have leftover for making a reasonable profit. This calculation includes all direct material costs, direct labor costs, variable overhead costs, and any additional 'make ready' charges associated with preparing the item for production.

Our goal will be to add up all these costs for a representative design and calculate the total cost to produce the item. We will then add in our fixed costs (factory rent, equipment depreciation, and insurance). These fixed costs must be consistent from month to month and not vary significantly with changes in production levels


2. Market-Based Pricing Method [Including Penetration Pricing]


The second way we can compare Chinese Aluminum tile trim prices is by looking at what other producers charge (our competitors) for similar products. The market-based method allows us to measure our Aluminum price against that of our competition - but it does not take into account any additional processing or handling charges that might apply depending on the supplier.


3. Advanced ROI-Based Chinese Aluminum Tile Trim Price Comparison Method


The third and most accurate way to compare Chinese Aluminum tile trim prices is to use a financial analysis tool such as the return on investment (ROI) calculation.

This approach takes into account all of the direct and indirect costs associated with producing and selling a particular item, as well as the expected revenue that will be generated from its sale. It then compares this against the initial investment required to produce and sell the product - providing a more accurate picture of whether or not it is worth pursuing a particular supplier


In general, we can say that Chinese prices for Aluminum tile trim are cheaper than in other countries. However, you need to find a reliable Chinese supplier to ensure good quality and timely delivery. Here are three tips:


  1. Do your research - you can compare Chinese Aluminum tile trim prices with a simple google search.


  1. Make sure you know what Chinese Aluminum tile trim costs include (transport, quality etc.). Chinese suppliers may have hidden charges you need to be aware of.


  1. Ensure your Chinese supplier has good reviews from previous customers before you commit to buying from them.


  1. If possible visit the Chinese factory or showroom that is making your product or similar products and negotiate costs direct before signing a contract with any Chinese company to ensure you are getting the best Chinese price for your Chinese Aluminum tile trim



6 reliable aluminum tile trim suppliers for your reference  

Fujian Jinde Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

Jinde Aluminium Company is a high-tech enterprise that manufactures constructional profiles or even an entire structure made out of these materials (Aluminum alloys). Their registered capital of 20 million yuan and a total investment of 80 million make them one the most cutting-edge companies around. They're located in Nanping city's Jiangnan industrial park, where they have completed their building standard plant consisting of over 2000 square meters for your needs!

As a company that specializes in the production of all types of metal goods, we provide high-quality products and services. We use Casting-, Extrusion-, Anodizing-electroplating & Spray painting equipment to ensure our clients get only top-notch workmanship every time they turn their attention towards us with any project!

Kingoals Aluminum Co., Ltd. 

Kingoals provides a variety of aluminum products to cover all your needs. We offer different kinds and styles such as Aluminium Tile Trim, which can be used in commercial buildings or homes alike;

Carpet Trimmings provide safety from falls due to their adhesive properties while also adding elegance into the interior with its beautiful surface. Alongside this, there are Metal Skirting & other decorative trim pieces for another level of beautification on any space by crafting it well within specifications set forth by architects

Kingoals is a one-stop-shop for all your metal needs. From designing the perfect product, molding it out of aluminum, and then finishing it with powder coating colors;

This company has you covered! Not only do they specialize in providing high-quality products but also offer customized services to suit individual customer preferences so that no two items created by them will ever look alike

The staff at Kingóal's strive towards offering an unparalleled variety when considering surface treatments or finishes--whether its polished metal surfaces vs glossier ones like on rims


FOSHAN WINSEN BUILDING MATERIAL CO., LTD, is a company with 10,000 square meters of floor space that specializes in manufacturing and exporting. They have over one hundred employees working on their production lines which includes anodizing aluminum extrusions for electronics alongside powder coating spray cans to create unique colors as well wooden grain engravings when needed!
Innovative R&D concepts& ability, refined management, strict & high efficient, fast global growing sales channels, our advantages can guarantee good quality supply to clients

We insist on independent innovation, focus on high-grade aluminum trims production &OEM specific products of global stand demanding, with over 10 years global market development experience, our markets cover Europe, South America, Middle East, Asian ...ect.
“Quality makes our brand, Character achieves development” Hold in firm with this principle & belief, famous brand and New era of decorative trims will be creative by us! 


Ningbo Haishu Zhongji Plastic Co., Ltd.

The Ningbo Yinzhou Oulida Plastic Factory is a Korean-owned and operated business that specializes in producing high-quality tile trims. The factory began as one of many factories on the same property but eventually grew out to be its own entity after they were able not only to produce more product with greater efficiency but also export it around Asia at very competitive rates.

In addition, YinZoyu has invested heavily into research & development projects so customers can enjoy durable goods while saving money through technological innovation

 Our main products are Aluminum&PVC Tile Trims, PVC Corner Beads as well as Aluminum Floor Trims, and so on. Also we can produce any style according to customers' drawings and samples. Our factory is equipped with a commutator rectifier, cooler water machine, purified water machine, extrusion of Aluminum, automatic anodic oxidation, polymer material extruders, plastic injectors,anti-shock pads, and other advanced facilities. We have sold our products to all over the country,and exported to EU,Asian, North Africa, Australia and so on. Now, we would like to develop more business relations with worldwide and would like to supply our high-quality products and best services for our old and new customers.


Nanjing MEISHUO Building Materials Co., Ltd.

MEISHUO Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and has been providing products to the global market since with over 12 years of experience throughout the Asia Pacific Region

The company offers a wide range of different building materials such as floor tiles, wall panels or roofing systems etcetera that can be shipped all around world through its efficient distribution network.

They use modern machinery during the production process, ensuring high-quality standards are met at each step or factory is located in the Jiangsu province of China, which has an area covering 3500 square meters.

Now we have 1 Senior Engineer, 8 engineers, and 12 assistant engineers as well a Construction Division 2 people who work together to build our products with safety at their foresight while working efficiently so that they can be delivered on time for customers' demands

Maintaining high standards while constantly innovating they continue their success story by being ahead when it comes down to innovation, quality assurance, or customer service  Not only do we provide these services but also offer solutions tailored specifically for each client's needs whether big or small ensuring complete satisfaction guaranteed! 


Goldsword Aluminum Co., Ltd.

Goldsword Aluminum Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing and selling aluminum profiles for building and decorative and industrial applications. Products include aluminum profiles, aluminum finished doors and windows, aluminum fences, and aluminum gates.

Our factory occupies over 60000 square meters of area. We have 9 advanced extruders from 600-ton to 2500-ton and our annual output has reached 20000 tons, with products in anodized silver, bronze, gold, powder coating, wooden color, polish finishing, and different specs.

All products reach State Standard GB/T5237-2000, which is fully characterized with excellent mechanical properties. State standards are strictly carried out in chemical composition, physical properties, and surface processing.

Our production equipment is highly advanced. With strict management and strict control, every technological step is carried out, which is our key to high-end products and to growing market shares.

We are dedicated to providing quality products and faithful customer service. Our concept and confidence have brought us continuous development. Realizing that customers' need is our responsibility, we always stick to the tenet of "product quality control, modernized enterprise management, and technology and design innovation".



 In conclusion, aluminum tile trim is a popular choice for many homeowners in China. It’s not only affordable but also durable and easy to maintain.

Aluminum tile trim suppliers have been developing rapidly since aluminum has replaced other materials such as wood or PVC material which are more expensive and less sustainable over time. The market development of the aluminum industry will be closely watched by both Chinese people and international buyers in order to get more information on how it may affect their industry direction going forward. 

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If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for your reading! 

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